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Respiratory Infection Symptoms:  If you are having upper respiratory infection symptoms, please bring a mask to your flight physical.


Flight Med has two clinic locations: Milwaukee, WI and Dayton, OH.  Please select the services based on the clinic location and then use the calendar to select a date and appointment time.  If you do not find a time that works in your schedule, please contact Dr. Olson at 414-419-3300 (text or call) to speak with him or leave a message so that he can find a time that works in your schedule.


**Attention - When selecting your appointment time, you can set your viewing time zone to the clinic time zone.  This will ensure you are viewing the correct time slots for the clinic.** 

** Internet Explorer Users - See below.                 Multiple appointments scheduled? - See below.

Milwaukee, WI Clinic

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** Internet Explorer Users - In some instances, the selection windows above have not shown up when using Internet Explorer.  If this happens, please utilize a different web browser.  Apologies for the inconvenience.

Multiple appointments scheduled? - Please make sure you cancel any appointments you do not plan on attending as soon as possible.  If you schedule multiple appointment times and do not cancel the unused appointment through the online scheduling system, you will be charged for a missed appointment.

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