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Substance Abuse/DUI Monitoring Services - HIMS

Addiction Resources

Substance abuse, dependence, and addiction is a disease.  The FAA and airlines have recognized the need and benefit to having pilots recover from addiction and step back into the cockpit to resume piloting duties.  The FAA utilizes the Human Intervention and Motivation Study (HIMS) program for helping pilots recover and to assure that they will be safe for future piloting duties.  As a HIMS AME, I will oversee your pathway and progress through the recovery process.  

The process can sometimes take longer than some would like, but pilots who have gone through it recognize that the program has saved their lives.  As a HIMS AME there is no greater reward than helping a pilot recover their life.  As your HIMS AME, I will personally oversee your recovery process and monitor your progress before, during, and after the Special Issuance process for substance abuse.

My experience as a Family Physician has given me experience caring for people with all forms of diseases including substance abuse and addiction. 

If you are a pilot who would like to self-disclose their substance abuse disease and get the help you need for recovery, please contact me and/or use the resources listed on this page.  It isn't only your life that depends on your taking action.

If you would like to speak with me about your current circumstances or if you have questions regarding the HIMS monitoring services I offer, please call, email, or fill out the "Questions?" box on this page.


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