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About Dr. Olson

I am a specialist in Aerospace Medicine and am a Senior AME, HIMS AME, and an FAA employee AME.  I have been trained in both Family Medicine and Aerospace Medicine and am Board certified in Aerospace Medicine. 


I have been an Assistant Professor at Wright State University and was in charge of the Aerospace Medicine Program.  As a residency program director, I have worked in conjunction with NASA, the USAF, and the FAA to train Aerospace Medicine doctors.  I have conducted research regarding aviation safety.  Prior to my medical career, I studied Aerospace Engineering and have a Masters degree from the University of Wisconsin.

I am married and have two children who have inherited their parent's love of travel, learning, and exploration.


I am a member of the Aerospace Medical Association, the Civil Aviation Medical Association, the National Business Aviation Association, and am Board certified in Aerospace Medicine.  Visit my LinkedIn page - here or click on the icon below

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