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Medical Certification

I perform 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class FAA medical certification physicals including ECGs and I specialize in managing aeromedical certification for complex medical conditions. 

I believe every airman deserves my full effort when seeking FAA medical certification.  I personally perform all airman physicals and I prepare all medical documentation packets that need to be sent to the FAA.  I ensure that the packets are arranged to provide efficiency during the FAA review process.  For all airman, I make every effort to expedite FAA medical certification and can some times get verbal approval from the FAA for complex medical conditions over the phone. 


I understand that your job, schooling, or happiness may depend on this physical exam.  My goal is to minimize your down time from the cockpit and to provide maximum assistance and efficiency when navigating the FAA medical certification process.


In preparation for your physical, please be sure to do the following:

  • Fill out your online MedXPress form before the appointment and bring the confirmation number to the appointment

  • Bring your glasses and/or contacts

  • AVOID CAFFEINE on the day of your physical prior to your appointment

  • Avoid strenuous physical exercise on the day of your physical (prior to your appointment) and stay hydrated

  • Bring a copy of relevant medical records including a current list of any medications and/or dietary supplements you may be taking

  • Bring a copy of your special issuance(s) granted by the FAA

  • Ensure you have visited your doctor(s) and bring any required physician or laboratory documentation for medical certification or special issuance

  • Bring a copy of your prior FAA medical certification

  • If you are taking an SSRI medication, please review the "SSRI Medications - HIMS" page.

If you have questions regarding a physical, please call, email, or fill out the "Questions?" box on this page. 

Although some have asked, I do not perform physicals or provide consultation services for pilots wishing to fly under BasicMed rules.  For questions, please review the FAA's web page regarding BasicMed using the following link: 

FAA BasicMed web page


Thanks! Message sent.

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