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I have assisted airmen from around the world with aeromedical certification.  Airmen who have medical conditions and who may be in need of assistance with their certification can contact me for consultation.  Many times an airman's question can be answered with a short phone call, a short email, or by sending a fax with your questions and contact information.  A small fee is required for the service, but can be well worth the effort and piece of mind when navigating the FAA medical certification process.  If you are experiencing difficulty with or have questions about the FAA medical certification process or your case, please contact me for assistance.


  • For phone consultation, call 414-419-3300

  • For email consultation, send your questions to

  • For fax consultation, fax your questions to 210-640-1938

For consultation, I accept credit card payment at the time of service. 

Please keep in mind, email is not considered secure (ie. not HIPAA compliant) as others may possibly view your personal information unless it is encrypted or your documents are password protected.  Fax is considered HIPAA compliant for protecting your personal information. 


Although some have asked, I do not perform physicals or provide consultation services for pilots wishing to fly under BasicMed rules.  For questions, please review the FAA's web page regarding BasicMed using the following link: 

FAA BasicMed web page

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